Thursday, January 17, 2008

Burton on Burton.

Anyone not draw in an insanley long time and come out of it a little better. I did alot of observation while on 'break.' I think its helped overall. It was kind of nice, it relieved all this pressure I felt about HAVING to draw a certain way.

I've also been intimidated, other artists are so much better than me. Why can't I draw like that? I came to a conclusion, I'm me. I can't draw like anyone else I can draw like me. All these sparks were created after I read Burton on Burton, Tim Burtons semi-autobiography conducted through interviews. In one passage Burton says:

I remember going through art school, and you've got to take life drawing, and it was a real struggle. Instead of encouraging you to express yourself and draw like you did when you were a child, they start going by the rules of society. They say, 'No. No. You can't draw like this. You have to draw like this.' And I remember one day I was so frustrated - because I love drawing, but I'm actually not that good at it. But one day something clicked in my brain. I was sitting and sketching and thought, 'Fuck it, I don't care if I can draw or not. I feel like doing it.' And I swear to God, from one second to the next I had a freedom which I hadn't had before.

I guess I kind of had that moment. By the way, Burton on Burton is a GREAT book for Tim Burton fans.

Anyway heres some results.