Thursday, January 17, 2008

Burton on Burton.

Anyone not draw in an insanley long time and come out of it a little better. I did alot of observation while on 'break.' I think its helped overall. It was kind of nice, it relieved all this pressure I felt about HAVING to draw a certain way.

I've also been intimidated, other artists are so much better than me. Why can't I draw like that? I came to a conclusion, I'm me. I can't draw like anyone else I can draw like me. All these sparks were created after I read Burton on Burton, Tim Burtons semi-autobiography conducted through interviews. In one passage Burton says:

I remember going through art school, and you've got to take life drawing, and it was a real struggle. Instead of encouraging you to express yourself and draw like you did when you were a child, they start going by the rules of society. They say, 'No. No. You can't draw like this. You have to draw like this.' And I remember one day I was so frustrated - because I love drawing, but I'm actually not that good at it. But one day something clicked in my brain. I was sitting and sketching and thought, 'Fuck it, I don't care if I can draw or not. I feel like doing it.' And I swear to God, from one second to the next I had a freedom which I hadn't had before.

I guess I kind of had that moment. By the way, Burton on Burton is a GREAT book for Tim Burton fans.

Anyway heres some results.


Sean Taylor said...

That's awesome, Kyle, that that quote inspired you to draw because you love it! That is extremely important. But at the same time, push yourself to become better. Don't quit trying to achieve something just because it is hard. I'm not saying to change your style but to absorb tons of styles that strength your own! Good stuff, I can tell your working hard!

growingupartists said...

Seen this recommended as well. I was directed there by this site.